8. Fredrick Augsburger Photo was born on Apr 19 1847 in Les Planchettes, Switzerland.(4) (5) He immigrated on May 3 1853 to New York, New York.(6) ||Beaverdam, OH|| He resided on Jun 22 1853 in Beaverdam, Ohio. (7) He died on Feb 2 1916 in Bluffton, Ohio. He has reference number 21. He was ill with. diabetes; Angina Pectoria He was married to Sophia L. Villard on Mar 13 1873 in Wayne, Ohio.(8) ||Bluffton News

9. Sophia L. Villard Photo was born on Feb 6 1848 in Mt. Eaton, Wayne, Ohio.(9) (10) She died on Oct 19 1925 in Bluffton, Ohio.(11) She has reference number 22. Children were:

child i. William Calvin Augsburger Photo was born on Aug 23 1874 in Bluffton, Ohio.(12) (13) He died on Nov 15 1940 in Bluffton. (12)(14) (13) He has reference number 41. He was buried in Bluffton, OH.
child ii. Lulu Augsburger Photo was born on Jun 4 1876 in Bluffton, Ohio.(15) (16)(17) She died on Mar 10 1963 in Bluffton, Ohio.(15) (17) She has reference number 23.
child iii. Elfa Melinda Augsburger Photo was born on Jul 10 1881 in Bluffton, Ohio.(18) (19)(20) (21) She died on Nov 19 1944 in Toledo, Ohio, Toledo, Ohio.(18) (21) Ovarian Carcinoma|| She has reference number 13. She had Social Security Number 278-16-2073.
child4 iv. Elmer Samuel Augsburger.