60. William Crider Photo was born on Jan 20 1810. He died on Feb 3 1883. He was. Crider, William Sr., farmer, Miller township, was born in Virginia January 19, 1810. He came of patriotic and herioc stock, his grandfather having been a soldier in the War of Independence, and his father, Martin Crider, a soldier in the War of 1812. Mr Crider has yet in his possession the old powder horn his grandfather carried in the war. Martin Crider married Mary Nieswanger, a native of Virgina. In 1820 they came to Ohio and settled in Harrison county, where they remained three years, when they moved to Knox County, Ohio and lived for some time in Pleasant township, and thence to Miller township, and from thence to Union township where they died. They had ten children. The subject of this notice was reared on a farm, or rather was reared to clearing up the land for farming. He attended school but little but acquired sufficient knowledge of the rudiments to be able to transact business. He was a man who read a considerable amount, and was always industrious. He married Miss Sarah Crottinger, a native of Pennsylvania, and in 1838 moved on the farm on which he now resides. They had a family of fifteen children, firve of whom are yet living, viz; Madison, Christina(married to Henry Rine), Phidelia (married to Gletcher Frost), Abigail (Married to Chales Hooker), and Willam. Mr. Crider was a good farmer as could be seen in his improvements and the taste generally displayed on his farm. He was married to Sarah Crottinger.

61. Sarah Crottinger was born on Sep 10 1808. She died on Jun 19 1884. Children were:

child30 i. James Madison Crider.
child ii. Mary B Crider was born in 1835.
child iii. Abraham Crider was born in 1835.
child iv. William Crider was born in 1851. He died in 1928.
child v. Abigal Josephine Crider was born in 1848. She died in 1916.
child vi. Phidela Crider was born in 1846.
child vii. Christina Crider was born in 1840.