62. Henry Clements was born on Feb 17 1807 in Virginia. He died on Jan 5 1867. He was. Clements,Henry (deceased), a native of Virginia, was born February 17, 1807. His father died when he was but a small child. In 1821 he came with his mother Anna Clements, to Knox county, Ohio and located in Clinton township. On the sixth day of March, 1836 he married Miss Eliza A. Hammond, born in Maryland, September 17, 1816 and daughter of Francis S. and Mary Hammond. They settled in Gambier, remained there three years , and in 1839 he purchased and moved on the farm in Clinton township, now orned and occupied by his heirs, located three miles southwest of Mt. Vernon, on the Columbus road. He deceased January 5, 1867. They reared a family of ten children, five sons and five daughters. four of the children are dead, two sons and two daughters. Their son James dies in the war of 1861 from a wound received at the battle of the mouth of the White River. He was buried in Bird Cemetary, Mt. Vernon Knox Co., OH. He was married to Elizabeth Ann Hammond on Mar 6 1836 in Maryland.

63. Elizabeth Ann Hammond Photo was born on Sep 17 1816 or 1818 in Maryland. She died on Jan 11 1905 in Bird Cemetary, Mt. Vernon Knox Co., OH. Children were:

child31 i. Martha Ellen Clements.
child ii. Ollie Bedell Clements.
child iii. Het Castile Clements.
child iv. Allen Clements.
child v. John Clements.
child vi. Sarepta Johnson Clements Photo.
child vii. Dora Clements Photo.
child viii. Sarah Keefer Clements Photo.