10. William Wood Nowlan (22) (23) Photo was born on Sep 25 1850 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. He died on Oct 17 1933 in Lima, Allen Co., Ohio. He was buried Clymer Cemetery. William Wood Nowlan fell from a ladder while painting at T. B. Kellers, October 21, 1921 dislocating his hip and suffering a back injury. After this fall, he walked with a cane. He was married to Elizabeth Emma Folk on Jun 20 1874 in Ohio.

11. Elizabeth Emma Folk(24) Photo was born on Nov 10 1853 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. She died on May 3 1926 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. Children were:

child5 i. Cletus Elizabeth Nowlan.
child ii. Dollie Denison Nowlan was born on Oct 23 1878. She died on Apr 2 1949. She was buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery Martinsville, IL.
child iii. Lottie Lou Nowlan was born on Dec 25 1875. She died on Apr 21 1959.
child iv. Lester Paul (Pete) Nowlan was born on Sep 3 1881. He died in 1962.
child v. Jennie Elizabeth Nowlan was born on Aug 16 1890. He (or she) died on May 27 1959. He (or she) resided Lester and Jennie lived with William Wood Nowlan until his death. in Rawson, OH. He (or she) was a telephone operator..