20. Samuel James Nowlan (39) (40) was born on Jan 25 1823 in New Brunswick, Canada. He died on Aug 17 1888 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. He was buried Tawa Cementary. Samuel Nowlan was a Justice of Union Township. Samuel was by trade a house painter. He settled in Hancock Co in1839. He was a member of Co. G. 118 Reg. (GAR vet.). He was also a member of Rawson Lodge #418 F and AM. They lived on the north side of East Vance St. in Rawson. Elizabeth Denison was licensed to teach in 1842 and 1843. Samuel joined the Civil War from September 18, 1862 until 1865. His son, Elihu Thomas , was also in the Civil War. Their diaries are available. He was married to Elizabeth Denison on Aug 29 1844 in Hancock County Ohio.

21. Elizabeth Denison (41) (42) was born on Jan 6 in Plymouth, Hancock County, Ohio. She was born on Jan 6 1826 in Plymouth, Hancock, Ohio. She died on Sep 24 1919 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. Children were:

child10 i. William Wood Nowlan.
child ii. Ellihu Thomas Nowlan was born on Jun 16 1845 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. He died on Apr 14 1921 in Freemont, Ohio home of F. G. Hawks.. He was buried Tawa Cemetary. Elihu never married.
child iii. Abigale Ann Nowlan was born on Oct 19 1847.
child iv. Arletta Remaletta Nowlan was born on Aug 6 1855.
child v. Marcella Jane Nowlan was born on Jan 1 1849. She died on Jul 24 1933.
child vi. Hesster M. Nowlan was born in 1858. He died in 1861.
child vii. Malissa Cataherine Nowlan was born on Feb 13 1853. She died on Mar 13 1918.
child viii. Ada A. Nowlan was born on Nov 3 1860. She died December2 1909.
child ix. Mary Eizabeth Nowlan was born on Dec 8 1866. She died on Feb 3 1897.
child x. Pheobie D. Nowlan was born in 1869. She died in 1869.
child xi. Nancy Nowlan was born on Dec 4 1871.