40. Thomas Dorsey Nowlan (49) was born on Nov 4 1797 in Ireland. He died on Nov 24 1879 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. He was buried in Clymer Cemetery (Rawson, Ohio). Thomas Dorsey Nowland was a carpenter who worker on the Canals in Eastern Ohio. He moved from Wayne County, Ohio and settled in Hancock County in 1839. He had to cut his way through the wilderness as only a railroad preceded him there. he was a carpenter by trade. The 1875 Atlas shows that Thomas Nowland owned 40 acres of land northwest of Rawson, Ohio. Most of the Nowlands settled in the area of Mt. Cory and Rawson. They were a well-known and respected family. He was married to Margaret Sennett in Ireland.

41. Margaret Sennett(40) was born on Jan 24 1799 in England (Hancock County, Ohio - IGI?). She died on May 6 1878 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. She was buried in Clymer Cemetery (Rawson, Ohio). Children were:

child20 i. Samuel James Nowlan.
child ii. Elizabeth A. Nowlan(40) was born on Jul 25 1821 in King County, Nova Scotia, Canada. She died in 1904.
child iii. William Thomas Nowlan(40) was born on Mar 3 1825 in Jefferson, Ohio, Eagle Township. He died on Apr 30 1911.
child iv. Mary Jane Nowlan(40) was born in 1829 in Wayne County, Ohio. She died on Jun 23 1914.
child v. George Howard Nowlan(40) was born in Nov 1831 in Bardstown, Wood County, Ohio. He died on Nov 27 1914.
child vi. Katherine M. Nowlan(40) was born on Jan 17 1834. She died on Jan 25 1921.
child vii. David Robert Nowlan(40) was born in Jun 1836. He died on Oct 19 1925 in Rawson, Hancock, Ohio. He was buried in Tawa Cemetery.